When the slope of granite cube stone applications by taking into account that the floor area of 0.05 square meters flat is considered to 0.06 cubic meters of stone powder is consumed .Granite Cube Stone Flooring  Work to be done to stabilize the surface material with an earth compacted with rollers it must be done . He washed the stone dust will be used for concrete surfaces of three (3 ) numbers must be stone dust. Applications upholstered during its specialized team withdrew after gauge and laying stone dust surface after the surface has to be compressed by compact . The first compression process of filling the joint space between the stones for surface after the end of the stone powder sprinkled and second compression process is carried out and checks cleared through the latest in surface rust . Granite Cube Stone Flooring CONSUMPTION AND SIZES – 1 m2 at an average of 9 m2 4×6 crushed stone is laid by 1 ton . It is generally preferred for smaller floor coverings . more depth to small spaces while adding that the Stones shows wider. 1 M2 6×8 crushed stone also lays an average of 7 m2 by 1 ton . Generally medium-sized private project , is preferred as a way of walking in the housing project. 1 8×10 M2 at an average of 5.5 m2 crushed stone is laid by 1 ton . Large parking lot , in the heavy duty car park project to be preferred in road paving . 1 M2 also average 2.8 m2 10×20 crushed stone is laid by 1 ton . CUBE STONE take shape as the border of flooring thanks vermektedir. baSalt cube stone black granite küp taş s is used to design them. Granite is used in the same measurement

Granite Cube Stone Flooring İMEG


Granite Hard natural stone granite is the most widely used in landscaping applications. In landscaping, granite works in natural stone, granite cube stone, granite stone plate, granite curbs, granite trough, used as granite blocks. Granite Cube Stone Granite years of robust construction and landscaping with tissue distortion, breaking the natural granite, hard landscaping applications as wet cutting and knife cutting. fifteen (15) years engaged in the production of their granite quarry Karadeniz landscape in both domestic and overseas customers, governmental agencies and municipalities with the company is to supply natural stone granite and granite cube.

Granite Cube Stone Flooring

Granite modern and advanced cutting and breaking tools to prepare and required length and dimensions of packages Karadeniz granite mine, it is indispensable for domestic and overseas customers. Olympus mining granite stone cube carries the desired size in the most frequently used are 4 x 6 x 6 granite cube, 6 x 8 x 8 granite cubes and 8 x 10 x 10 granite cubes d deterioration ebatların while cutting these stones and chromatic aberration It is not. Natural stone Karadeniz Granite Mines rising between the quality workmanship and products with competitors are always proud to be a company which signed reaffirming its machinery and better quality products. Karadeniz Granites Another feature which is always one step ahead of the competitors for Olympus granite, natural stone projects sold to customers is to be able to deliver turnkey make his own team. You can contact us for your natural stone and landscaping work. We offer applications as a professional architect and partner of our team. Our main products Granite Cube Stone | Granite Cube Stone | Polished Granite Tile | Flamed Granite Tile | Wet Cutting Granite Borders | Granite Gutters Drum Granite Cube Stone | Dalya Granite | Granite Stair Step | Scanning Granite Tile | Crimean Natural Granite Borders Wet Cutting Granite Cube Stone granite cubes products | basalt stone cube | natural stone cube | stone cube forms | granite cobblestone Move the cobblestone | granite stone plaque | Bergama granite

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