We want to make innovations flourish there for our granite cube stone Most of us in our home or workplace. This sort of innovation that is catching everyone’s eyes are the most popular natural stones with a natural look. These stones have lost me completely odorless and natural features. So you can apply anywhere with peace of mind you want. Also very pleasing aesthetic appearance has also recently been in the building and construction industry are the most demanding material.
Granite, hard, granular appearance is formed from crystalline igneous minerals submerged depth. Granite; Pluto is mostly observed in the size of grains can be seen. The main minerals in granite with a small amount of orthoclase feldspar and quartz plagioclase breed in. In addition, mica, hornblende, pyroxene and entering the second group tourmaline, apatite, zircon, garnet minerals, including magnetite can also be found.
Granite looks like?
According to the amplitude of the light granitleriç with the feldspar and the amount and type of minerals in gray, pink and red.
Granite cube stone found in nature, most of which state?
Earth bulunangranit widely in nature, dikes, are found as silica and batholith.
Granite cube stone Where are most used?
Since the old ones were lavishly used in the way and structures. Wear, pressure, impact-resistant and have good color. Also no shortage of polish. High resistance to atmospheric influences and weathering. Granite cube stone roads and granite curbs are also used as coatings in some large buildings.
Granite is located in a temperature around 400 C, it covers a very long time, like a few thousand years to cool. This heat also is the source of geothermal waters. The water filtered into the ground, the movement between the cracks in granite, both with high temperatures will increase the water temperature of the granite minerals in soluble form will be included in the body of water. The waters formation takes place in this way.

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